"Working with Tina has been a beautiful and gentle revelation. Her approach is kind, considered and hugely helpful. Her immense experience as a therapist shines through in every conversation. The range of ways she has helped me are hard to list, they are so many and varied. That said I feel abundantly free, optimistic and able to tackle what life brings me and what I want from it. She offers a kindness and a humanity to taking big and small decisions, and has helped me see fresh perspectives that have enabled me to fully let go of the past and the difficult emotions. I’m now concentrating in really positive ways on where I am now and where I am going. I cannot recommend Tina highly enough.” Will, Worcestershire, Jan 2018

I received counselling from Tina over 12 months and she helped me through a time of acute distress.  I would enter her room, take a deep breath and let it all out.  Then I would put on my mask and enter the world again.  Tina taught me to take each day at a time, to value the love and friendship around me and adjust to the circumstances that life had thrown at me.  I would recommend Tina’s counselling unreservedly. M, Cardiff, 2016

My therapy with Tina was quite life changing.  We worked together for a number of years and for several of those we met twice every week.  Meeting more frequently made it much more possible for me to do the work when I was in such a vulnerable place.  Here are some of the things I wrote when we finished therapy: 'You taught me to be real, to feel and give language to my emotion' 'Therapy with you has been the greatest gift and the greatest challenge of my life so far' 'Every time I think about what you have done for me and what we have done together, I am moved to tears'.  A good few years on and that still holds true.  Yes, I have my ups and downs but truly therapy completely transformed the way I do my life, relate to others and relate to myself and for that I will be forever grateful. Kath, Worcester. 

Tina is extremely supportive, caring, professional and discreet. She quickly identified the main cause of my anxiety, and really helped me to address it. I am glad to recommend Tina as a counsellor and therapist. Anon, Cardiff.


Tina was my supervisor during my training to become a counsellor, an exciting, but at the same time, vulnerable time. I felt very held and supported throughout.

One of the most valuable things she helped me to develop was the crucial balance of warmth, empathy and self-discipline; how to fully enter in and then step back to examine my work. In addition, the accuracy and economy of her observations helped me get to the heart of my work quickly. Charlotte, Cardiff

Tina was my supervisor for three years. During that time I was felt listened too and supported. I was positively challenged whilst also benefitting from Tina's vast knowledge and experience.  

I would highly recommend Tina as a supervisor and if locality was not an issue for me Tina would still be my supervisor. 

Angela Williams, Counsellor

I found that my experience of supervision with Tina was insightful and illuminating. I was gently challenged in a way that allowed me gain perspective on my opinion of self and my work. I felt that I grew in confidence and began to learn to trust in my own ability but also to develop my observer self.
In supervision I felt safe to be able to talk about perceived weaknesses in my work . I found my experiences of supervision with Tina wholly positive. Thank you
. Nicky, Cardiff

Tina was my supervisor for 3 years in this time she really helped me to develop my practice and in particular sensitivity and compassion for my clients comes to mind, she is robust, holding and gentle.  In particular she has a very strong grounding in psychodynamic theory which she integrates with other approaches.  Her knowledge and many years of experience in working means that she makes a very thorough and competent supervisor and I would always recommend her as an excellent supervisor. Gwen, Cardiff

Tina is perhaps the most outstanding supervisor I have come across so far.  She somehow manages to create a safe space where I feel I can be completely honest and open, whilst maintaining the ability to challenge me to think more deeply about my clients and myself.  Tina and I have different therapeutic orientations, and she is able to turn this into an advantage by being curious about my thinking, and being willing to explain her thoughts where they are different from mine.  I find that this enriches the conversations and enables me to see clients in new ways, opening up more possibilities in how I might be helpful to them.  In short, I felt able to be myself around Tina, and that opens me up to learning and growing as a counsellor. Sari Robinson, Cardiff/California

Tina was a true inspiration to me throughout my training years and I'm so grateful to her. She's one of those true stars that encourage, inspire and motivate. Eleanor, Cardiff.

I found Tina's supervision sessions insightful, challenging, and deeply supportive. I always came away with new understandings, and felt that supervision with her was a key element in my ongoing professional development. Anon, Cardiff.


Tina is a natural mindfulness teacher and I really appreciated her flexible approach and gentle voice combined with her in-depth knowledge. I learnt a lot in the sessions that we had.Cathy Bailey Counsellor/Office Om

Tina has a wonderful capacity to guide a mindfulness session. She brings many skills to the work, and communicates her understanding and experience in a way that is always accessible. I know that she can provide the kind of support required to build a mindfulness practice. Anon, Cardiff.

It is rare that I take time out for me to 'just be'. This course with Tina has given me the tools to learn how to anchor myself and be aware of my breathing which helps me to focus my whole being. A fantastic 8 weeks with a group of lovely people, thank you for the experience, I will look forward to other future sessions that you have planned! Anon, Abergavenny.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge, skills and mindfulness experiences with us. It's been wonderful!

I loved it! Really good knowledge and experience. Great at holding a safe non-judgemental space. Looking forward to doing more!

Excellent! Fantastic tutor-very understanding and helpful.

It has given me time and peace back. very thoughtful trainer , kind and managed to give a group feeling.

Loved it-inclusive and relaxing.

I have gained a much deeper sense of who I might be. I feel much more grounded and in touch with everything, pleasant and unpleasant. Have gained an ability to deal more effectively with stress, instead of letting it overwhelm me. 

The structure was particularly strong-it really felt like you were led through the 8 weeks-flowing well and linking. I really think the content/delivery was spot on! The support booklet is also brilliant! 

Mindfulness One to One Course

Attending the 8 week mindfulness course & participating fully has given me the grounding for what I hope is a life where I'm able to think differently about what life throws my way. Since completing the course I feel that I am able to think more clearly, focus better & am to stop & pause before making a decision. I feel calmer & more present in myself. Tina's teaching was paramount to the success of the course. She teaches in a clear,compassionate & at times challenging way. I truly enjoyed the course. I couldn't be where I feel like I am now without attending. If the time is now for you to bring mindfulness in to your life & you can dedicate yourself to the 8 weeks then I can't recommend Tina's course enough. Anon, Abergavenny.

I have found it a useful tool in coping with adversity/stress. The presentation and delivery of the course was excellent. I would find a group course intimidating as I'm quite a private person and found the 1-1 format was much more useful for me. Dropbox was excellent and I enjoyed the workbook as I could peruse it at my leisure and go back to it. Tina is excellent at her job and is very thoughtful and kind-I knew I was in a safe pair of hands. 

Mindfulness in the Workplace

Tina ran our first MBSR in-house programme with extremely positive  reviews from the participants, two examples from the feedback survey:   ‘This was such a helpful and positive experience for me which I hope will help me for a long time to come. Thank you.’ ‘In my opinion, Tina was fantastic. She went at the pace of the group and always checked in with us each week to review how we'd got on with establishing our mindfulness practice.’  

We were delighted with the feedback and the programme will become a core  element in our provision to enhance mental wellbeing for staff and students.   Tina’s role in helping to  make this  a  resounding success is  much appreciated.  Gill Slater, Director of HR, Worcester University.

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